For One Brief Shining Moment

“Don’t let it be forgot
That once there was a spot
For one brief shining moment that was known As Camelot!”  King Arthur in the musical/film adaptation of Camelot

Clearly that movie from long ago made a deep impression on me because those lyrics keep going through my mind.  I love the songs, most of them anyway.  And I didn’t get to stay in Camelot for more than one brief shining moment either, but to quote my beloved English Author Miss Read, “And with that she must content herself.”  Or, to term it more fittingly, I must content myself.

But I had my moment and ascended to the top ten in best-selling free historical romance in Amazon kindle next to my idol, or one of them, Jane Eyre.  Happy sigh.  Now that my story is back to a whopping .99 it will swiftly descend.  But perhaps some readers will fondly remember me and consider my other (many other) longer works.

4 responses to “For One Brief Shining Moment

  1. Whenever I see in print or hear the word Camelot the first thoughts are of the Kennedy years. Then comes King Arthur’s Court. Some of my favorite news commentators still refer to Camelot when speaking of the Kennedys.



  2. For most of your fans… you ARE a “top10!”
    Keep writing. Your wordsmithing brings life to your characters just as did that long ago musical… and the voice of the people you create will echo in the minds of your readers long after the Amazon 15 mi. of fame.
    Congratulations to you and all your followers who carried you to Camelot. They will again.


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