Yes! Kindle Fire Is All It’s Cracked Up To Be!

Only, I didn’t get one for Christmas.  I gave one to each of my adult children, two of them married (so they have to share).  My daughter-in-law, who’s gone back to school for a degree in nursing, is excited about being able to do a lot of work for her classes on her ‘Fire.’  Exclaiming over such apps as, “Oh look, I can take a free chemistry test!”  And was wowed by the app for studying anatomy.  Not for everyone, but I’m pleased she’s delighted.

My older daughter immediately downloaded Angry Birds and Pandora.   Discovered she can watch instant Netflix on it…Facebook, of course, was honed in on.  Also, by my recent college graduate.   My son-in-law was so impressed he said he was going home and throwing the laptop away–no, he didn’t really, but you get the point.   Everyone exclaimed over all their finds and yes, by the way, you can also read my books on there.  Not that they fell all over that particular feature, but you can.  Yep, Kindle Fire takes you right to Amazon’s kindle store, as well as everything else you might want.  The little people were also intrigued.  Not that I’d trust a four-yr-old with a Kindle Fire (why I also got warranties.)

To say this gift was a big hit would almost be an understatement.  My mom thinks she wants one–so much for that Nook she was considering.  The wow factor of the Kindle Fire must be seen to be believed.  Yes, now I want one too. But I’m keeping the laptop, unless I give up writing altogether and just play in the world of Kindle Fire.

***My Amazon Author Page, if anyone wants to know.

14 responses to “Yes! Kindle Fire Is All It’s Cracked Up To Be!

  1. I got a Kindle Fire and love it. It meets my needs. I like the almost nonexistent weight. In the twinkle of an eye every book on my regular Kindle was on the Fire. Including yours, Beth!

    I’ve got to find the nursing apps. Tell your daughter to study, study, study and get into a job/career full of promise and reward. I miss it.

    Happy New Year,


  2. Feel free to get one for me if you need further research for your report, Beth! lol I was hoping but didn’t get one either. I’m glad your kids were so happy with theirs.


  3. That’s so awesome. I am so jealous. I want one. LOL. I thought they looked cool the first time I saw and read about them.
    Sue B


  4. I have an ipad which I love and one of the apps I have is called SOUNDNOTES. I imagine you can get it for the FIRE as well. Your nursing student will love it because she can take notes and record the lecture. And then when you go back you touch a word in your notes and it goes to that part of the lecture. As a student I love it. Not sure if they will have it for the FIRe but well worth looking for.


  5. Beth, we gave each of our daughters the Kindle Fire also. They are really pleased. I received one from my husband, so I gave him my old Kindle 3. The screen of the Kindle Fire is easier to read, I think, and I love that there’s color for downloading how-to books with illustrations. Your little ones will love seeing childrens books on there, too, so good thinking on the warranty!


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  7. Sounds wonderful, Caroline.


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  9. I got the Fire for Christmas as well. And like Winona said, it just downloaded everything from my old Kindle (first generation) right to it. I was worried I would lose my bookmarks, but everything was right where I had left off on my old Kindle! I’m now giving that one to my mother. The only thing I miss is on my first generation Kindle, I operate off the same radio signals as cell phones, so I didn’t have to worry about finding a WiFi signal.


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