What Goes Up Must Come Down–At Least by April

Yes, I’m speaking of Christmas decorations, and yes, I’ve been known to be somewhat remiss in taking them all down again.  But April is my limit, unless Easter comes earlier and then I prod myself to action sooner.  How did I get this nonchalant, you might ask?  I’m not certain, but suspect it’s the hibernation syndrome I go into this time of year, what with it being winter and all.  And I’m not real keen on putting up Christmas decorations anymore either because of the nagging awareness that this whole process will have to be done in reverse and I’ve noted a definite lack of elves coming to the rescue.

It’s generally just me and an exuberant kitten.  The older cats have grown bored with the whole tree thing.   The dogs like to nap beneath it’s branches, but are useless when it comes to being of any real assistance.  They don’t run the vacuum either.  But you can bet kitten Pavel will be shooting up its trunk like a squirrel and gleefully stealing decorations.  He steals everything else he can get his little paws on, so why not holiday decor. ‘Tearing up Jack’ is the country expression for this behavior.

We’ll know soon enough.  Saturday is the family outing to the local Christmas tree farm to cut the –you guessed it–tree.  Last year we chose a sparse Charlie Brown pine and showered it with love.  It wasn’t such a bad little tree, to quote him.  The tree is one thing I don’t leave up long and not just because the kitten will be taking it apart.  I love a real tree but it will be set up in a corner of the dining room where I don’t hold court.  My domain is mostly the kitchen and living room.  Even so, the sneezing may commence.  I’m allergic to Christmas.

7 responses to “What Goes Up Must Come Down–At Least by April

  1. In my defense I just want to add that I decorate beautifully for the holidays in my Christmas romances, but I do have staff to help with clean up in them.


  2. I love putting up all the Christmas decorations but; I dread taking them all down and putting them away. LOL. Used to do a real tree but; now have a fake one. We usually take down our stuff around the 1st of Jan or a few days after. Your kitty is so pretty.
    Sue B


  3. Thanks Sue. 🙂 When its time to take down the Christmas stuff everyone will disappear except the eager to help me kitten, I’ll bet.


  4. Caroline Clemmons

    Same for me Beth. I love Christmas decorations and drag them out over a two-week period. I wish my mom could have read this column, but she passed away in 2007. She was a “It just takes one time to do, so let’s get it done” person and it annoyed her that I was so remiss about putting the decorations away. That is, until we had to deliver something to a woman Mom admired. In late February, she still had her wreaths, etc. out. 🙂


  5. I can shove my fake tree into a corner and take off most of the decorations. I have been known to put the lights on for Easter. I actually have some Easter Egg lights.


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