Book Club Members Please Note

I’ve put together a new page featured in the header section of the blog with discussion questions plus background information on the colonial frontier setting for my historical romance novel Red Bird’s Song.   This novel is unique both in the era it focuses on and the history that inspired the story.

Blurb: Taken captive by a Shawnee war party wasn’t how Charity Edmondson hoped to escape an unwanted marriage. Nor did Shawnee warrior Wicomechee expect to find the treasure promised by his grandfather’s vision in the unpredictable red-headed girl.
George III’s English Red-Coats, unprincipled colonial militia, prejudice and jealousy are not the only enemies Charity and Wicomechee will face before they can hope for a peaceful life. The greatest obstacle to happiness is in their own hearts.
As they struggle through bleak mountains and cold weather, facing wild nature and wilder men, Wicomechee and Charity must learn to trust each other.~
“This book touched my soul even as it provided a thrilling fictional escape into a period of history I have always found fascinating.”
~ Reviewed by Laurie-J for Night Owl Romance

“With “Red Bird’s Song”, Beth Trissel has painted an unforgettable portrait of a daring and defiant love brought to life in the wild and vivid era of Colonial America. Highly recommended for lovers of American history and romance lovers alike!” Review by Virginia Campbell

Red Bird’s Song is available in print and eBook from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble and many other online booksellers.  Local bookstores can order it in.   If your library doesn’t have it, ask them to get the paperback or the eBook.  I am a big fan of  libraries and have made donations to various ones  but can’t supply them all.

2012 Epic eBOOK Award Finalist

4 responses to “Book Club Members Please Note

  1. It sounds like a stunning book, Beth.


  2. Thanks. It will always be my favorite.


  3. I loved it so much I sent a copy to my sister in Nevada. Its a lovely book about a time we can’t even imagine living through, and written by a woman who writes from the heart.


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