Praise for Time Travel Romance Somewhere My Lass

This review for Somewhere My Lass is from Melissa at 1000+Books to Read.

Neil arrives home to find his housekeeper dead at the bottom of his staircase and a young woman passed out at the top of his staircase. Upon Mora’s awakening she finds herself overjoyed as she stares into the eyes of her true love Niall.

Neil is Niall or better Niall is Neil.

Neil must help the troubled young woman who believes she is his fiancé from 1602. When Neil starts to recover memories of his time with Mora as Niall he finds he must fight for his life and the life of Niall as he travels back in time.

Lets Talk About It:

I’m not usually one for romance books but this was a great book!

From the beginning of the book you are hit with humor as Neil helps Mora who has to adjust to a world that is much unlike her own. One of my favorite parts is the scene in which Neil takes Mora to the hospital and she is scared to death of the place. I about wet my pants laughing from the ‘invisible cat’ otherwise known at as a cat scan.

Between the humor that takes place and the love that grows between Neil and Mora this is a book that will keep you entertained and up late because you can’t put it down.

Well done Beth Trissel. very well done.~

*Light paranormal romance Somewhere My Lass is available in digital download (eBook) from all major online booksellers and some not so major.

4 responses to “Praise for Time Travel Romance Somewhere My Lass

  1. Wow, Beth! Congrats on the great review. I hope you sell many, many, many copies. 😀


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