Lovely New Reader Reviews for Red Bird’s Song

This review is from: Red Bird’s Song (Kindle Edition) Sept. 3rd 2011

Beth Trissel’s “Red Bird’s Song” could be considered a Native American romance by some, but I view it as a thoughtful and sensitive portrayal of the romance between a man and a woman from two cultures during the early days of the British colonization of the New World. Anyone interested in America’s formative years will get a history lesson not related in dull facts, but as a personal story between two people in love from different worlds . The characters put the reader in their past, in their conflict and drama, as the passion between them flares, while love and trust grow, showing that the destiny linking these two souls can not and will not be denied.~

By RebelHeart (Baton Rouge, LA USA)
Beautiful story, fantastic historical detail, September 2, 2011
This review is from: Red Bird’s Song (Kindle Edition)
I loved this book. Even from the start, the hero was someone I could love, and the heroine someone I could sympathize with. And Beth puts us right there in the action. I could see everything, so real I could reach out and touch it and the historical detail was frankly amazing. It was like being right there with them. It was a beautiful story. Beth is one my favorites. I have yet to be disappointed with one of her books.~
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4 responses to “Lovely New Reader Reviews for Red Bird’s Song

  1. Congratulations Beth
    I like the reviewer saying it Red Bird’s Song is a Romantic History LESSON. I felt I was learning when I read it even as I loved the interaction between the lovers.


  2. Aww, thanks Beth for putting my review up. It was a pleasure to write.
    And thanks, Ray.


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