My Friend, Author Vonnie Davis

Thanks for having me here on your lovely and informative blog, Beth.  I’ve been looking forward to it.

*Thanks for being here, Vonnie.  I’m very happy to have you. 🙂

Last October I took Beth’s online course in herbal lore and the historic medicinal uses of herbs. If she ever offers it again, I highly recommend it. I took it merely for my own personal enrichment. At the time I never dreamed I’d use some of what I’d learned in my debut novel, Storm’s Interlude, recently released by The Wild Rose Press.

Beth and I exchanged emails regarding green tea usage. She sent me a link to a study conducted at the Mayo Clinic showing that green tea extract helps reduce the number of leukemia cells and shrink swollen lymph nodes. Her contribution was invaluable. You see, in Storm’s Interlude, Rachel, a nurse who does home health care, travels to Texas to prepare her new patient for a second round of chemo. Sunny has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Sunny is also a twin to Storm Masterson, our hero.

Storm’s not wild about Rachel’s blended form of home health care. Although she holds a Masters degree in nursing, she’s also certified in acupuncture, massage therapy and other holistic methods. Part of her treatment includes her patients taking care of healing plants. Drastic changes are made to their diets. She’s worked hard at blending traditional and non-traditional care into a home-based program that works.

Part of Storm and Rachel’s conflict is his strong desire to protect his twin sister and his fear that Rachel’s form of therapy will harm Sunny. Slowly, as he sees improvement, his respect for Rachel grows. Of course the reader is also privy to the physical attraction that simmers between the two whenever they’re near each other. Simmers? No, it explodes.

*Fascinating, Vonnie.  I’m honored to have been a part of the inspiration behind this story.  I very much enjoyed teaching that herbal lore class.  Much of that material is posted here on my blog.

~And now for a brief excerpt to introduce you to the major characters of Storm’s Interlude —

~Everyone was seated at the table when Rachel joined them for lunch. Jackson was there, sitting next to Sunny. “Hi, Jackson. Nice to see you again. Sorry, I’m late, everyone. I was on the phone with Dr. Frey. He was giving me the results of your labs. For now, things are stable and that’s very good. I want to impress upon you how good that is.”

Sunny’s face brightened. “Remission?”

Rachel didn’t want to disappoint her, nor did she want to mislead her, giving her false hope. “Not yet. But, with the levels of leukemic cells in your blood and bone marrow staying consistent for a month, we seeing a stabilizing effect. Granted, the numbers are still high. The good news is they’re not increasing.”

Storm laid his hand over Rachel’s. Pain warred with hope in his features. “You…do you and the doctor consider this a good thing?”

She nodded. “Yes. With our doing everything we can to make your sister stronger: healthy eating, exercise, sun, green tea and positive emotional reinforcement, this stabilization levels the playing field for a span of time. A span of time for Sunny to get stronger, so she can undergo the second series of chemo. I’m feeling very good about this.”

He sat back and closed his eyes. He nodded in silence.

Tears glistened in Sunny’s eyes. “Hope,” she whispered, her chin quivering.

Jackson drew Sunny to him. He kissed her forehead. “Everything good begins with hope, sugar.”~

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8 responses to “My Friend, Author Vonnie Davis

  1. It’s wonderful to see how an author’s workshop helps another’s work. Beth and Vonnie, this is a lovely accomplishment for both of you. Vonnie, I write medical romances and love novels with a medical theme. Your book is on my TBR list. I mostly read when I travel. So very soon I hope.


  2. That’s great. Thanks Mona.


  3. You never know where your next inspiration will come from! Interesting.
    Clover Autrey


  4. Beth, thanks for being so gracious and allowing me to visit today.


  5. Mona, yes, Beth’s class was a great help. I hope you enjoy Storm and Rachel’s journey into love–the forever kind.


  6. Happy Tuesday, Clover, thanks for stopping by.


  7. Hey Vonnie,
    Love the info here. I do a lot with herbs too. Enjoyed the post ladies.

    Walk in harmony,


  8. Thanks for stopping by, Melinda. Beth, has a wealth of information here and even more in her head.


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