Romantic Suspense Author Autumn Jordon~

I’m delighted to have my friend, Author Autumn Jordon, with me to tell us about her latest release, In The Presence of Evil, one I will be reading as I loved her last story, Evil’s Witness.   And now, I’m turning the blog over to Autumn, who asks, ‘Have you ever planted a seed?’

And she goes on:

What does planting a seed have to do with writing or a story called ‘IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL’ you ask? Stay with me. I promise you’ll get it.

Planting a seed…. You take this little, tiny thing, something so small that it could be a speck of dust you normally wouldn’t even notice and carefully place it in the soil you’ve prepared and then cover it.  Every day you water it and watch, waiting for the moment the seedling sprouts through the ground and turns its head toward the sun.  The sense of joy you feel is hard to contain, right?  Sure it is.  Admit it. You what to jump up and down and shout to the world, “See what I did.” No one will think you a whuz for saying so, so go ahead and admit it.

As the sprout grows, you feed it, protect it from harm and hoe away all the nasty weeds that take away its nutrients.  You watch it grow bigger and stronger until it is the prettiest thing. (Darn, I wish you could hear me say that in my mock southern twang)  You can’t express how proud you feel showing off what you have created, but you show it by sticking your chest out and wearing a grin the size of the Grand Canyon.  And it all started with a tiny seed.

Writing a book mirrors the process and authors feel the same sense of pride when their books hit the cyber and hard shelves?  IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL, my new release from The Wild Rose Press, started with an idea, based on an actual personal experience.  I can only tell you a bit. A request for a bank wire transfer from my work somehow got intercepted and was requested to be routed to a Russian bank account.  This happened after Evil’s Witness was released, so needless to say, eyes turned toward me.  “Me, come on.” I laughed until the FBI entered the investigation.  I’m a country girl, born Army brat, who never wanted to be rich and bleeds red, white and blue.  Please believe me.

Anyway, I wondered ‘what if’ a woman stumbles into a hornet’s nest where the Mafia is laundering money by controlling wire transfers from a small private owned bank.  How would she stop them and who could she ask to help her?  Okay the answers to that question is easy the FBI, CIA, or police.  But we can’t have easy when writing a book.  Easy is the weed that takes away from a good story.  What if she didn’t know what was going on, until it was too late and her life was put into danger?

Again easy.  Once she found out what the bad guys were after, our heroine being the heroine we’d all aspire to be would die for her country, thus screwing the bad guys. Yeah, Gina.  So I fed the story and added in a cast of secondary characters that love Gina and who she loves, including one yummy marine hero, Cole Hanson. Yup that’s him.  SIGH.

I played ‘what if again’ and asked what you do if the lives of those you love were to hang on the whether you help to commit a crime? Would you do anything asked of you? Or would you try to be a hero?

Like nurturing a seed from a dominate state into something to enjoyed, a great deal of time goes into writing a story that whisks you away to another world.

If you’d like to learn more about Autumn Jordon and her novels, visit

12 responses to “Romantic Suspense Author Autumn Jordon~

  1. Go Army! 🙂 Autumn, what a fantastic storyline!


  2. I agree, as is the story behind the story.


  3. UrAH LOL. Thanks, Keiti and Beth. Life is exciting at times.


    • I’m an Army Brat, too, Autumn, and get carried away. I did, however, restrain from the “Beat Navy” part. 🙂 I can imagine the FBI being involved added a bit of excitement. But only a bit. 😉


  4. I’ve added both your books to my TBR plise, Autumn. I love romantic suspense. And your covers are gorgeous. But, aren’t all TWRP covers??


  5. I’ve added both your books to my TBR piles, Autumn. I love romantic suspense. And your covers are gorgeous. But, aren’t all TWRP covers??


  6. LOL. You must love me Lilly. WINK. Three posts. I hope you enjoy the stories.


  7. Great “what if” premise, Autumn, and how scary to be the target of an investigation. I think I’d faint! Glad you could put your experience to words, and the book sounds great!


  8. I was nervous. Thanks for stopping by, Lynne.


  9. Caroline Clemmons

    Good analogy of creating a story, Autumn. Best of luck with IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL.


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