Kewl Scottish Film~Stone of Destiny

While vacationing at the Outer Banks last week, I watched Stone of Destiny (instant Netflix).  I give it a high-five.  The film, a blend of lighter moments intermixed with tension and a touching conclusion, made me more fully appreciate my Scottish heritage.  I’m also of English descent, so have that ancestry in the meld as well.  I loved the actors, particularly Charlie Cox as Ian Hamilton and Robert Carlyle as the Scottish political leader.  I’ve always liked Carlyle, The Full Monty my favorite of his films I’ve seen.   The youthful idealism and determination of Ian Hamilton in Stone of Destiny is inspiring.  The world needs more like him.

Movie blurb: “Based on true events of 1950, this comic adventure follows Scottish nationalist Ian Hamilton (Charlie Cox) and three other young men as they make a daring raid on Westminster Abbey in an attempt to return the historic Stone of Scone to Scotland. Hamilton and his cohorts must outwit British authorities in their mission to right a centuries-old wrong and revive Scottish national pride. Kate Mara, Billy Boyd and Robert Carlyle co-star.”

More on this famous Scottish stone from:

“On November 15, 1996, the Stone of Destiny, on which Scottish kings had been crowned since time immemorial, was brought back to Scotland 700 years after the army of King Edward I of England carted it off to Westminster Abbey in London. Now safely ensconced in Edinburgh Castle, the 152 kg rock popularly known outside Scotland as the “Stone of Scone” has joined the other Scottish royal regalia — crown, scepter ,sword and jewels — in a closely-guarded museum.

The origin of this famous Stone is shrouded in myth. According to legend, it came from the Holy Land, where Jacob supposedly used it as a pillow in Biblical times. Transported through Egypt, Sicily and Spain, it was taken to Ireland, where Saint Patrick himself blessed this rock for use in crowning the kings of the emerald isle. It is certainly possible that the Stone may have been used in the coronation ceremonies of the Irish Kingdom of Dalriada from roughly 400 AD until 850 AD, when Kenneth I, the36th King of Dalriada, moved his capital of his expanding empire from Ireland to Scone (pronounced “scoon”) in what is now Perthshire, Scotland. The Stone was moved several times after that, and used on the remote, western island of Iona, then in Dunadd, in Dunstaffnage and finally in Scone again for the installation of Dalriadic monarchs.”

11 responses to “Kewl Scottish Film~Stone of Destiny

  1. I loved this film, too.


  2. Sounds like a go0d movie for tonight.


  3. Yes indeed, Julie.


  4. I wish the stone had been in Edinburgh Castle when I visited it in the early 1970s. There were lots of other things to see though including some awesome paintings.



  5. Mostly what I remember about Scotland is about Robert the Bruce. My wife Millie is distantly related to him on her mother’s side. On the tour we took around the country we stopped at a woolen mills that overlooked a battlefield where he fought. At the wool shop I bought an Anderson Tartan representing her father’s family.



  6. Interesting Ray. One of our family lines also goes back to The Bruce. 🙂


  7. Just a little synchronicity about Scotland. My son came by with gifts from World Market. He bought me some Mackays Lemon Curd made in Arbroath, Scotland. I looked up Arbroath and found this plaque:
    I wouldn’t mind having it to hang on my wall.



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