Touched by an Angel

Thank you to my friend Renee Waltzer for this inspiring post.

~I first met Michael while hiking along the C&O Canal in Maryland when I was twenty years old. This historic and magical place had drawn me like a magnet for its beauty and serenity for years. While most people associate Washington, DC with monuments, memorials and art galleries, we are also home to some of the most inspiring scenery within the Maryland, DC and Virginia borders.

Construction began on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal on July 4, 1828 and runs from Cumberland, Maryland to Washington, D.C. The total length of the canal is about 184.5 miles. At its peak, as many as 500 boats a season plied the canal and waited turns in the basins to collect and transport cargo. Eventually flooding rendered the canal not the most practical form of transportation, but the towpath left behind has never lost its charm and usefulness.  (*I walked this canal with my husband ages ago and picnicked there, a charming place).

Great Falls of the Potomac has drawn people to the river’s shore for centuries. To Native Americans it was a gathering place, to George Washington it was an impediment to navigation, and to thousands of visitors every year it is an awe-inspiring site. (*Image of The Historic Great Falls Tavern)

I had been hiking along the towpath and surrounding trails for years. On one side of the path is the famous canal where you can easily visualize mules pulling long boats. This fine gravel trail is a haven from the madness of automobiles and the sounds of chaos from the surrounding towns and cities. I have so many memories of beautiful days and amazing pictures of this serene landscape. On the other side of the towpath is the amazing Potomac River where brave souls in kayaks and rafts enjoy the call of the rapids. The abundance of wildlife is delightful and truly connects you to nature as does the flowers, trees and remnants of days gone by. 

I would arrive at the towpath early in the morning to escape our infamous heat and humidity. In my quiet solitude, I walked, explored and prayed until crowds would intrude upon my quiet thoughts and the heat would make my visit uncomfortable. On this particular morning while caught up in my meditation, a handsome man appeared to accompany me. I had no fear of his abrupt appearance as he introduced himself as Michael. I let him speak and he told me about my life, what I could expect and things he wanted to share. Of course, there would be no way he could possibly know the content of our conversation. When I turned to ask some questions, he was gone. As the morning progressed, I climbed upon a boulder to view the beautiful Potomac River and rest in the shade for awhile. Over my shoulder, Michael reappeared and we continued our chat. As I got lost in his words and my gaze upon the river, I again turned to speak with him and found myself alone. Michael would not appear in this form after that wonderful day. The lesson I learned is that as we walk our personal path, we are in the company of greatness each and every day.

I have come to know that we are surrounded by a universal flow of energy and communication. There are guides working to connect with us through intuition, visions, encounters and dreams. Where someone may see nothing, you might feel a deeper meaning or message. By being mindful of all that you are experiencing, you are taking the next step in awareness and connection to yourself as well as the Universe.

I have a website where I discuss my experiences and lessons from various encounters that have enriched my life and strengthened my belief in the Divine. I honor all paths to God and the universal truths found in world religions. I invite people from around the globe; a wonderful mixture of races and cultures to visit my site and stay awhile.

Let us travel this journey together as we discover the deeper meaning of life and increase our awareness of all things.

It is my hope that we come together in peace and joy while strengthening our connection to Spirit and the sense of interconnectedness that binds us to all of humanity.

Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way ~

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5 responses to “Touched by an Angel

  1. Caroline Clemmons

    Renee, what an amazing story. I agree that we all have God sent angels who guard and walk with us. Thanks for sharing. Thanks to Beth for hosting you today.


  2. Hi Beth, amazing story. I love the Great Falls and talked about them in Babies in the Bargain. It was a favorite spot of my daughter who often walked along the trails and kayaked on the Potomac.


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