Gift Baskets and Romance~

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful gift basket?  This post is contributed by Diane, a gift basket blogger and writer of gift basket reviews.

Bring on the Romance with a Gift Basket.

When people think of romance, flowers and chocolates come to mind. However, these two items are not the only things that can inspire romance or reignite passion. Whether you and your partner just got together recently or have been dating for years, a well-prepared romantic gift basket will work wonders for your relationship.

There are countless romantic gift baskets available out there, but you should make your own if you really want to impress your sweetheart. It would be better to handpick the contents yourself and place them in a nice package. Before you choose the contents, think about your partner. The basket is your gift to the other person, and they should enjoy what is in it.

In most romantic gift baskets, alcoholic beverages and chocolates are staples. The baskets usually include either wine or champagne. When you make your own basket, choose the drink that both you and your partner will like. If you are a guy and your girlfriend or wife is pregnant, skip the alcohol and settle for sparkling cider instead. Chocolates can also be added, especially since it’s known as an aphrodisiac. Other edible snacks which pair perfectly with your chosen drink can also be included in the basket.  (*Basket pictured can be purchased at Gourmet Gift Baskets.)

If you want a romantic night to pamper your partner, you can choose to include spa essentials in the gift basket rather than snacks. You and your partner can enjoy spa treatment without leaving home by spending quality time in the tub. This means you have to stock the basket with items such as scented candles, bath salts, bubble baths and loofahs. Do not forget to include massage oils, so you can treat each other to a relaxing massage after you get out of the tub. Nonetheless, if you truly want to treat your partner to a spa, feel free to include gift certificates.

If you want the romantic evening to end on a more passionate note, you might want to add some items which are just for lovers. There are a lot of things in the market which encourage couples to be more intimate with each other. These include satin blindfolds, flavored body butter, chocolate body frosting as well as edible body paints. Just remember to select only the items which your partner will be comfortable with.

If you want to boost the romance factor, forget flowers and chocolates; create your own basket instead!~

Thanks Diane.  I also like the idea of a romantic picnic basket.

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4 responses to “Gift Baskets and Romance~

  1. I love romantic baskets. In my actual work in process, my hero takes the heroine to a picnic and sure enough there is a romantic picnic basket. Great post Beth.


  2. ………Christmas is a wonderful time to spend exchanging gifts with your most loved friends and family members. It all depends on what else you will be using to decorate your basket as well as exactly what gift or gifts you are putting inside the basket.While some larger presents may still have to be wrapped and put in individual boxes gift baskets are an ideal solution for smaller gifts. For a fun and creative twist on the ordinary basket try to decorate your basket around the type of gifts that you are giving.


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