The Wizard’s Wife

Today, the very talented author Toni Sweeney is my guest.  We are fellow Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers, where I’ve gotten to know Toni, who amazes me with her imagination.  Weave your spell, my lady.

Once upon a time long, long ago in a dimension far, far away, there was a world called Ais Linn, where a people called the Ailiff Fae lived, a people blessed with the gift of Power. Ais Linn was a wonderful place, where leprechauns lived side by side with elves and sprites, and unicorns roamed the mountains, where they were safe from the hunters who sought them for their magical horns.  In the Damhain Garrai, that dark forest covering a good portion of the kingdom and separating the two halves, werewolves prowled.  The Aifliff Fae discovered secret openings, portals leading into another plane, to a planet called Earth.  The fae moved between this world and their own…

And they found Earth fair an’ the people likewise, if somewhat naïve in their beliefs.  They thought the fae magical and the fae let them think it, because it was mostly true.

Of the two rulers of Ais Linn, one family was the Tiarnas d’Geal Tina, the Lords of White Fire, and their opposite number was the Tiarnas d’Doit Tina, the Lords of Dark Fire. The Lords of White Fair were tall and fair, red-haired and green-eyed. Their wings like those of the dragonfly’s wings with the colors of the Monarch, and from them was chosen the wizard who would be their Champion, the son of Prince Padraig who ruled half of Ais Linn.  The Dark Lords were also tall and handsome but black-haired and crimson-eyed, their wings iron-gray and blood-red, and their wizard was as wicked as Padraig’s son was good.  Then it came about the Lord of White Fire learned the Lord of Dark Fire was planning to invade Earth and bring his evil there, that one day an astronomical event would occur, the Harmonic Convergence, when White Fire magic would be at its weakest, and no one would be able to stop him…

So he sent his Champion to live among the people and guard them, but the Champion of White Fire was young, and the women of Earth were comely, and the lad found ’twas true what he’d been warned, that mortal maids were drawn to the Fae like butterflies to honey, so he fell in love with a young maiden and lost his heart and would make her his bride despite his lord father’s warning.  And the Lord of White Fire was wroth because he knew nothing good ever came when a Fae loves a mortal…

…that’s the setting for Wizard’s Wife. A faery wizard is forced to choose between his wife and unborn child and keeping the oath he made to protect the Earth.  If he makes the wrong decision, he loses everything; either way, something precious will be lost forever, but will it be his own happiness or that of every person on the Earth?

Cross the Portal into Ais Linn, where Unicorns roam and werewolves prowl, where a faery wizard struggles to protect the Earth from the Lord of Dark Fire…and a brave young woman follows her husband into danger, into a dimension where she’s the only mortal in a land of magical beings…

Where she’s the Wizard’s Wife.

It’s a contemporary fairy tale, with unicorns and leprechauns, wizards and knights, feisty damsels and daring feats of magic, blending with Celtic legends for a read I hope everyone will enjoy.~

Sounds fascinating, Toni.  And I love your pics and trailer.

Wizard’s Wife was released January 15 by Class Act Books.  For a look at Chapter One, go to:

More information on Toni may be found on her website:

14 responses to “The Wizard’s Wife

  1. Toni, I love the world you have created and the conflict of your hero. I am sure this book is an enjoyable read.


  2. As usual, Toni, you have great story ideas! I envy you your fabulous imagination. 🙂


  3. Yes, Toni’s imagination is a real marvel.


  4. Beth, great job on your blog! Toni, As usual your very active mind has produced yet another wonderful story!! It sounds like a real winner! Loved your trailer, too! Good luck with it, Toni! I’m sure it will sell well…


  5. Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. Glad yo could stop by!


  6. You really draw people into your world and make your characters real. Great trailer.


  7. Hmmm, so did Toni or Linda come from the wizards? You ladies do seem a bit strange, with your imaginations and all. Is Toni making this stuff up or sharing legends?


  8. Quiet, girls! That’s supposed to be a secret. Don’t you know the fae have bards to tell their tales?


  9. Sorry I am late getting here. But what a great blog. Toni I love the book jacket and I think you must have some Druid blood in there. What a fantastic imagination you have! Good luck!


  10. I love your imagination, Toni! Great post!


  11. What a great interview, and I love how eye appealing your blog is, Beth!
    Be well, write well.
    Joy Held
    Writer Wellness, a Writer’s Path to Health and Creativity
    Who Dares Wins Publishing


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