I Love Rachel Portman’s Music

In addition to enjoying YouTube downloads, I’ve bought A Lot of Rachel Portman‘s soundtracks, so I’m not a moocher.   She captures the most wonderful sounds, truly magical stuff.  Her music is my favorite to write to these days.  She composes songs that take me from here to there, which is what I need when writing my historical or time travel romances.  Perfect for both.  My favorites by her are the soundtracks from the 1996 Emma, The Duchess, The Cider House Rules, The Lake House, Chocolate, Never Let Me Go, Nicholas Nickleby…her music makes some of those movies.

Rachel Portman’s film scores make me feel I can triumph over all my challenges, that I can be better, stronger, more creative than I’ve ever been before.  That, by heaven, I will finish this latest story and it will be my best one ever.  I can dance, I can sing, I can soar…

Long may she live and compose wondrous music to inspire and send my spirits to the heights.  And I say God bless her.


Rachel Portman is a British composer born in 1960. With a music degree from Oxford University, she started composing in her early teens and remains one of the few females in the male-dominated world of film score composition.

I came across two beautifully done tributes to Rachel Portman at YouTube.  The first one features her earlier work and the second her more recent scores.  Both of these clips are sublime.  I found some more songs I need to go buy.

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