Where To Buy Beth’s Books

Because I’ve had emails from people in various parts of the United Kingdom including Wales, as well as Australia, New Zealand, India…asking where to buy my books, I’ve put together a list of online booksellers.  Obviously I can’t include everyone, but I’ve taken a stab at it.  With the growing interest in ereaders, my work  becoming is more and more available internationally.  Some online stores offer the print and digital download forms of my books, some only carry print or ebooks.  I’ve listed the major booksellers. As to local bookstores, I have no way of knowing which ones carry my books, but few do.  Some will order them in for you if you ask.  So will your library.

THE WILD ROSE PRESS:  ~ My publisher, The Wild Rose Press, has all of my books (published by them) in print and ebook format unless a title is only available in digital download.  I love the Wild Rose Press, they’re open to authors writing outside the box and wonderful to write for.  They accept major credit cards and paypal, have periodic sales  and offer FREE READS. I also have a few independently published titles not at the Wild Rose Press, but at Amazon.

KOBO has some of my titles. Do a Find. Here’s their link for Red Bird’s Song.

itunes Book Store has some of my titles. These would be listed under The Wild Rose Press.

AMAZON:  Carries all of my books in print and/or kindle ebooks.  I also have an author page at Amazon.  My books are available in Amazons all over the world.  AMAZON UK has my books in both print and kindle format. Some of my titles are only at Amazon.

BARNES & NOBLE: Carries many of my books at their online store in print and digital form in Nookbooks.

Another UK company, Fantastic Fiction, carries all my books, looks like in both print and digital download.

FICTIONWISE: Offers man of my books as ebooks

ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS: Carries many of my books as ebooks

SONY: Has many of my books.

DIGI BOOKS CAFE: Has RED BIRD’S SONG AND SOMEWHERE MY LASS as ebooks and offers a 20% off discount code you can apply to your purchase.

INFIBEAM:  Has my paperback books for sale in INDIA

BOOKS A MILLION: Their online store has some of my books.

BETTER WORLD BOOKS:  Raises funds for literacy & libraries and carries both new and used books.  They have some of my print books.

BORDERS: Has most of my print books.  I don’t know why they don’t carry my ebooks.  If you shop there, ask.

Indie Bound: A new site to me.  Sells most of my books & helps visitors locate Indie bookstores that might carry them.

I know I’m missing a number of stores.  If there’s one you’d like me to mention please leave me a comment.

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