Supernatural Tales from Brocks Gap, Rockingham County, Virginia

These excerpts are taken from Supernatural Tales, The Virginia and West Virginia Mountain and Valley Folklife Series by late Shenandoah Valley author and historian John Heatwole.  Mr. Heatwole interviewed many inhabitants of Brock’s Gap and wrote up a wonderful collection of stories included in his series.

He said, “The Brocks Gap section of Rockingham county is rich in folklore of all kinds. It is an area in the northwest part of the county isolated by the North Mountain range.”

The following spooky stories are a great source of entertainment while snug inside next to a warm hearth, but not so much fun if you find yourself out on your own in the woods and hollows after dark.~

“Frank Caplinger lived across the road from the old Caplinger Chapel near the Criders Post Office in western Brocks Gap.  In the evening Frank would sometimes hear pews scraping on the floor of the church on the other side of the road. Each time he walked over to check on things he would find the building empty with no signs that anyone had been there.

Once Frank was crossing the German River on the old suspension foot bridge; he was going to the post office on the opposite bank.  As he entered the bridge he looked up and saw a strange man sitting on top of the cable frame, still and quiet.  When Frank neared the other end of the bridge he looked back and the figure had vanished. It was impossible for the man to have scrambled down and run out of sight that quickly.”


“Other folks remember strange lights on the mountains or in the cemeteries.  Harrison May recalled: ‘We’d see lights up in the Caplinger Cemetery evey so often. When we got there to check there’d be no lights anywhere.  Guess they were just spooks.'”


“When Nelson Whetzel was a young man he had an interesting experience while walking home from work one evening.  In Brocks Gap in earlier times the only things to light ones way were the stars or the glow from a lamp in a neighbor’s window.

As he walked Nelson heard a horse coming up the road behind him.  Nelson stopped for a moment, thinking, ‘Good! I’ll have someone to talk to.’ But the sound of the horse’s hooves stopped when he did.  He called out, asking who was there in the pitch-black.

No answer came and Nelson began uneasily walking again, this time a little faster. The sound of the horse picked up pace to match Nelson’s.  He stopped a second time and the sound of the horse ceased to be heard.  Nelson started trotting and the sound horse’s hooves were heard at a trot behind him, close on his heels.  He grew very frightened and began to run as fast as he could.  The galloping horse seemed to be so close, Nelson thought he felt the breath on the back of his neck.

Up ahead Nelson saw the lighted windows of the cabin belonging to George and Mat Smith.   He was so terrified that he hit the Smith’s front door at full force.   He knocked it down and went right through the structure, knocking down the back door as he exited.  The Smiths blinked at each other in wonder and amazement.  They saw no phantom horse follow Nelson through their home.

Immediately after his encounter with the doors Nelson noticed the sound of the pursuing horse was gone, however, he ran on home as fast as his feet would carry him.”


*That tale reminds me of the headless horseman from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Scary!

“The Roadcaps lived in a two-story log cabin just down the road from Gospel Hill Mennonite Church.  All of the girls of the family shared a room upstairs.  One night one of the sisters, Peggy by name,  went to the bedroom alone.  There she saw a woman sitting up on the iron headboard of one of the beds.

The woman didn’t say anything or move toward the frightened child, just sat there and looked at her.  Peggy was rooted to the spot in fear but able to find her voice and call to her father to come to her aid.   There was something in her voice that demanded immediate attention and she heard his heavy footfall as he hurried up the stairs.  As her father neared the room, the woman vanished into thin air.  Peggy never entered that room alone again.


The children of the Roadcap family loved to play on the banks of the little Shoemaker River near their home.  Once they came running home and told their father they’d seen a woman all dressed in white walking along the opposite bank of the river from where they played.  They’d never seen her before and being shy had not spoken to her but only observed her progress.

Their father listened thoughtfully and then told them they had seen the spirit of a young woman who had died years before of a broken heart. They were told they would probably see her again and that she would do them no harm. They were to behave as they had before and refrain from calling out to the spirit.

They believed their father.  There were not that many people living in those parts and the children knew them all.  They promised not to disturb the apparition if they encountered her again.  During their childhoods they witnessed her strolling along the river on several more occasions.


That story reminds me of the novel, The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, which was a very intriguing 1997 BBC mystery/thriller starring Tara Fitzgerald.   I rented the film on Netflix this summer and highly recommend it.

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10 responses to “Supernatural Tales from Brocks Gap, Rockingham County, Virginia

  1. Interesting stories, Beth! Lovely blog!


  2. This area is loaded with legends. I have a book about haunted Richmond. My mother-in-law used to tell of the the legend of Rover’s Road in Grayson County, VA. The ghost of Rover haunts the road on dark moonless nights to this day according to MIL. The road just happens to be where her grandmother lived.

    I lived in a haunted house in Galax, VA. There was a mirror with a red stain that looked like rust. Cleaning the mirror with a damp rag would make the rag appear to have blood on it. Without being told anything about the mirror, my MIL and her sisters would not walk past the mirror when visiting us. They would detour through the living room, dining room and kitchen rather than walk through the hall to the bedrooms and bathroom.
    The owner’s deceased wife had been into the occult. She was a medium and had been accused of being a witch.



  3. Wow. Creepy Ray. What became of the mirror?


  4. Caroline Clemmons

    Another interesting post, Beth. You reminded me of several ghostly things from my family’s history.

    P. S. I liked the other dashboard better.


    • Thanks Carolyn. I’m not sure which dashboard you liked better, unless it was the Misty Look by Sadish. I liked the wider header it allowed, but it only comes in white for the rest of it, and the side pics are more cramped and the posts smaller. I’ve been playing around with the different options.


  5. Some of these stories are really true, or have a basis in truth. My family tells a number of them that happened in the Green Mountains of Vermont. I love this stuff!


  6. I like this ρost, enjoyed this one thanks for рuttіng up.

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