Black Mountain NC and Mt. Mitchell

Just back after a lovely jaunt into the mountains of North Carolina, or North ‘Eroclina’ as my wee niece used to say.  Not always certain if we were in the Blue Ridge or the Great Smoky Mountains because they blend together in places.  No matter.  So refreshing to leave all the heat and humidity behind and head into the cool misty mountains.  And they were very foggy which made getting good photographs a challenge, but my talented daughter, hubby, and mother managed a few.  These pics are of the charming hamlet of Black Mountain, its quaint shops and eateries…plus our trek up to the top of Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi.

Awesome.  We were up in the clouds.  And we had lunch at this fabulous restaurant overlooking what would have been a spectacular panorama if we could have seen it.  We caught exhilarating glimpses.

The wildflowers up there draw masses of butterflies.  When the sun peeked out, our photographers snapped away.  We noted the bee balm which has barely survived our hot dry summer even with copious watering thrives in the much cooler, moisture drenched mountains.   I’m inspired to plant more here and try again because next summer our garden(s) will be the best ever!  I’m rather like Charlie Brown faithfully awaiting the coming of the Great Pumpkin.

We also visited (more pics) the Presbyterian conference center at Montreat, located not far from Black Mountain, and drove and walked around in that mountain oasis, referred to by some as ‘Presbyterian Heaven.’  And so it is.  My late uncle had a home there I have fond memories of visiting years ago, wish it had remained in the family.

Of course we drove into Asheville but managed to hit the day the art museum was closed.  My art major daughter Elise was especially interested in all the art galleries/centers in Black Mountain and Asheville.  A mecca for artists.  Historic downtown Asheville is beautiful but glaring hot that day so no pics.  I wanted to go on the ghost tour which takes place nightly from 9:00 to 10:30 during which I was assured of getting paranormal pics but I didn’t have the energy and no one wanted to go with me, plus it was expensive.  However, modern ghosts accept all major credit cards.  Who knew?  I should think they’d get bored having to make appearances every night.  Very sporting of them I’m sure.  We hit the farmers market and were awed, brought a lot of produce back with us and sourwood honey, of course.   We didn’t tour the Biltmore because its so frickin pricey but have done so in the past.  Another time…we must go back.

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4 responses to “Black Mountain NC and Mt. Mitchell

  1. Gorgeous pics! I LOVE the mountains.


  2. Enjoyed the entire article – pictures, descriptions and recipes!With my very limited mobility, I appreciated the journey, honey!!


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