Colonial American Historical Romance Novel For the 4th of July~

“Passion Governs and she never governs wisely.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Years ago as I was researching my early American Scots-Irish forebears I often came across references to a battle fought during the Revolution called the battle of King’s Mountain.  The name alone drew me.  I vowed to go back later and research it more in depth and uncovered fascinating fodder for the imagination.

I learned about the gallant, ill-fated British Major Patrick Ferguson who lost his life and Loyalist army atop that Carolina Mountain called King’s back in the fall of 1780.  Ferguson is buried there beneath a stone cairn, possibly along with his mistress who also fell that day.  He had two, both called Virginia.  But it’s believed one mistress made her escape on a horse by betraying his whereabouts to the advancing Patriots.

Speaking of which, I discovered the hardy, sometimes downright mean Overmountain men of Scots heritage didn’t take kindly to Ferguson’s warning that they desist from rebellion or he’d bring fire and sword upon them and hang all their leaders––all these enemies of the King!

‘Book title,’ I said to self.  And Enemy of the King sounds much cooler than The Patriot. So I began what came to be my version of that famous movie, though I started my novel before it even came out. I’ve invested years of research into the high drama and romance of the Revolution.  I don’t regret a moment and am seeking like-minded persons to share in this passion with me.  That has an unfortunate e-Harmony ring to it.

But I digress, (often).  Needless to say, the Battle of King’s Mountain, a mega conflict that altered the course of a nation, plays a prominent role in this fast-paced Historical Romance.  And, being drawn to mysterious old homes and the notion that those who’ve gone before us are not always gone, I included a paranormal element.

And I suspect my ancestors are speaking to me as I have a colonial forebear named Jeremiah Jordan and discovered an early  Meriwether in the family.  My journey back through time gathers intrigue, and I wondered how the people who lived through anything as all-consuming as the American Revolution ever got their lives back to normal.  The ripples from that enormous upheaval are still flowing  out in concentric circles.   They’ve certainly encompassed  me.


So, step into the elegant parlor of Pleasant Grove, an eighteenth century Georgian plantation built high on the bluff above the Santee River. Admire the stately lines of this gracious brick home and its exquisite décor. Stroll out into the expansive garden between fragrant borders of lavender and rosemary. Bask beneath the moss-hung branches of an enormous live oak, then saunter back indoors to dress for a candlelight dinner in the sumptuous dining room.  But don’t plan on a lengthy stay, you’re about to be snatched away for a wild ride into Carolina backcountry.

Jeremiah Jordan is a Patriot and Meriwether Steele a Tory.  She risks a traitor’s death if she fights for the one she loves.

South Carolina, spies and intrigue, a vindictive ghost, the battle of King’s Mountain, Patriots and Tories, pounding adventure, pulsing romance…


The year is 1780, one of the bloodiest of the American Revolution. The entire Southern garrison has been captured and Lord Cornwallis is marching his forces deep into South Carolina. ‘Bloody Ban’ Lieutenant Major Banestre Tarleton and his infamous Legion are sweeping through the countryside. Revenge is the order of the day on both sides and rugged bands of militia are all that stand between crown forces and utter defeat.


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For your listening pleasure, the opening score from The Patriot. Poignant, perfect for this time period, and a deeply stirring soundtrack.  I love it, but especially the theme song.

3 responses to “Colonial American Historical Romance Novel For the 4th of July~

  1. That’s just beautiful, Beth. I love hearing about how your ancestor’s history inspires your work. You are a true patriot!


  2. Thanks Julie, and yes, I am a deeply felt loyal Patriot. 🙂
    God Bless America.


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