Breaking News! Green Tea Extact Helps Treat Cancer!

An ancient Chinese proverb says: “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one”.

I am rejoicing at this recent report from the Mayo Clinic.ScienceDaily (June 4, 2010) — An extract of green tea appears to have clinical activity with low toxicity in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients who used it in a phase II clinical trial, say researchers at Mayo Clinic.”

I don’t have this form of leukemia but a rare lesser one, T-cell LGL, also chronic, develops over a period of years.  I’m in a low grade stage now, praying I remain that way.  My blood levels  are closely monitored.  The hematologist says I may have a year before I need potentially toxic treatment.  Kind of grim.  So I’ve been researching like a mad woman to see what herbs, foods, and yes, teas are out there that might help boost my immune system and fight this stuff naturally.  Thus far I’ve come across positive reports of taking Olive Leaf extract daily (Olive Leaf is amazing) plus extra vitamin C and ToCoQ10.  To this I’ve added oregamax and oil of oregano, plus fish oil–all top quality, tested for purity, supplements.    If anything I discover in my research is of help to others also traveling this path, I want to share it.  According to this Mayo Clinic report, Green Tea Extract, (EGCG) — the major component of green tea–helps reduce the number of leukemia cells and shrink swollen lymph nodes (which I don’t have yet, but are also closely monitored).

Green tea extract also helps reduce the inflammation associated with radiation therapy, and is an aid in treating and preventing oral cancer.  And fights bacteria…who knows what all green tea may help prevent or treat in the cancer and autoimmune world?  I wonder how many cups of tea I’d have to drink a day to equal the extract?  I will look into this more closely, consult my hematologist and report back.    Meanwhile, hold onto hope, guys.  Never give up, never surrender!

7 responses to “Breaking News! Green Tea Extact Helps Treat Cancer!

  1. I’m reporting back. Two cups of freshly brewed green tea are approximately the same as one capsule of the extract and the health benefits are probably better from drinking it. I like Green Tea made by The Republic of Tea. The People’s Green Tea. It’s not bitter if you don’t over brew it. One to three minutes steeping time tops. Drink soon after steeping. I consulted my hematologist who said he cannot recommend green tea as a treatment for my form of chronic leukemia at this time based on research but that if I want to try it he will monitor blood levels and we shall see. Please note, he cautioned me that if I had to begin treatments then I must discontinue the tea as it can interfere with the meds, so if you’re undergoing treatments, then you should ask your doctor before embarking on green tea extract or consuming a lot of the brew. The whole point for me taking it now is to hopefully ward off having to take the toxic treatments.


  2. Beth…How interesting!! I’m currently writing a contemporary romance with the heroine doing private nursing duty for a patient with acute lymphocytic leukemia. The nurse will incorporate natural elements–like usage of herbs and teas–into her patient’s daily regimine. For some reason the story popped into my head–the beginning scene anyway–and it twined its tentacles into my addled mind, pulling me, kicking and screaming from a historical western I was writing. For two days I was in a quandary, knowing I should finish one story before starting another. But, alas, “Storm’s Interlude” won the battle. I will research what you’ve written here for use in my story. My father passed suddenly with this disease–literally. We had no clue he was sick until he got pnumonia. Four hours after the doctor told us what he had, Daddy was gone. He was not one to go to the doctor, if only he had. I’m glad ot hear you are keeping on top of your condition and doing whatever you can to hold it at bay. You are a wise woman to do so. Fight on, dearheart!!


  3. As so often happens, I didn’t make myself clear. My dad had ALL, not what you have.


  4. Right, and thanks Vonnie. I’m so sorry about your Dad. There are many forms of leukemia, even in the chronic category alone. I feel like I have to do all I can to fight this condition because there is no cure and the treatments are limited and potentially toxic. I’m awash in green tea and taking my Olive Leaf Extract too. Plus vitamin C and T0HQ10.
    All with doctor knowledge and approval at this point.


  5. I should add that I’m doing all of this in the hopes of warding off the need for what treatments there are. I have this window of time to act as my condition was detected early enough.


  6. I hope all this works for you, Beth. I firmly believe we should be as proactive in our health care as we can. I haven’t always felt this way, sad to say, so am trying to undo many years of bad eating habits–and too much weight. My husband, who’s been a diabetic for 20 years, has lost 40 pounds due to our lifestyle changes. He had been taking 26 units of insulin daily and is now down to 3. Our goal is for him to get off insulin completely. Few people can do this, but when one is determined, little miracles happen. I wish many, many little miracles for you. ~ Vonnie


  7. Thanks for all your encouragement Vonnie and what good news about your hubby. I am figuring out the best way to brew green tea with not quite boiling water and steeping about 3 minutes. I’ve also ordered several more good sounding kinds. I’m feeling better after just several days of several cups a day. So far, so good. 🙂
    Yes, we must be very proactive in our health. Amen to that.


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