The Blizzard Wedding

As some of you, possibly the entire country, are aware, last weekend saw the biggest snowstorm to strike the East in many years.  We haven’t seen that much snow in the Shenandoah Valley since the 1990’s.

The heaviest snow fell on Saturday, my younger sister’s wedding day.  Major yikes!  Multiple phone calls to everyone and their brother and we had no solutions except to wait it out.  Yes, my farmer hubby has a snow blower he attached to his mighty tractor, but it could only do so much with the white stuff coming down at an inch per hour.  No snow plows even attempted our country back roads until later that evening after the blizzard slowed.

Then joy!  Sunday the snow fizzled out and the sun shone brightly on all that glistening white.  The wedding was on for anyone who could make it to the church in town.  Mostly those of us with four wheel drive.
The church is a beautiful old remodeled plantation home.

Handicapped parking was nonexistent.

Front yard of the church.

Lovely scenic setting.  Very romantic.

Hubby, Dennis, and me. Attire for blizzard weddings is informal, although note the necklace I added to my turtleneck.

My sister, Catherine, and darling nieces.  This is her second marriage.  Some of you may remember that they lived on the farm with my husband and me for a year and a half. 🙂
The happy couple.  Catherine and Andy.  He’s a true hero and one of the kindest men I’ve ever met. My husband is another.  ‘God bless us everyone!’

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