Historic Virginia (Illustrated)


Not only have I lived in the Old Dominion for most of my life, but also several previous centuries in the sense that my ancestors were among the earliest settlers of the Shenandoah Valley (1730’s/1740’s). Chapel Hill, circa 1816, the Churchman family home place on my father’s side, is part of the inspiration behind the old homes in my novels, as are the other early plantations I’ve visited like Berkeley, Shirley and Carter’s Grove.  My Scots-Irish forebears settled Augusta County in the southern valley with names like Houston, Patterson, Finley, Moffett and McLeod.  These clannish people often intermarried, so I can tie in with many other early families depending on how I swing through the ancestral tree.

Colonial Virginia encompassed a vast territory.  Initially  Augusta County named for Princess Augusta, wife of Frederick, Prince of Wales, stretched northward from the present day county of Rockingham to include part of Page; to the South it extended the full length of Virginia’s border, and to the northwest it included the present day states of Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and part of western Pennsylvania, all the territory claimed by Great Britain at that time.

Jamestown, the earliest successful English colony, and  Williamsburg,  a vital center in early America, are both in Virginia.  If you haven’t visited Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown, you’re in for a real treat.  These sites are wonderfully  restored so it’s like stepping back in time to another age, one that fascinates me.

Virginia is steeped in history.   How could I not be drawn to this wealth of stories here?  If the earth could speak what tales it would tell, some of them horrific; Virginia is also the site of more battles than any other state in the union, encompassing the Indian Wars, the Revolution and that most uncivil of wars, the Civil War.

(Pics are of: The Shenandoah Valley, Chapel Hill, Thomas Jefferson‘s Monticello, Early home in Jamestown, The first church in America in Jamestown, Early American church doorway in Jamestown, Colonial Virginia home, The rotunda at the University of VA designed by Thomas Jefferson, young girls in colonial dress at a historic farm, old plantation kitchen, the capitol building in Williamsburg, the Susan Constant Sailing Ship that brought English settlers to Jamestown Virginia in 1607, a home in colonial Williamsburg. )

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4 responses to “Historic Virginia (Illustrated)

  1. Beautiful photos, Beth! I’ve been to a few of these places with my family.


  2. Great Pictures, wonderful blog, I loved it Beth.
    Keep it up and I may have to go there to see for myself!
    When I move to NC I’ll be closer.


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