The Gardens of Colonial Williamsburg~

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Besides the lovely old homes, intriguing shops and other aspects of colonial life, the gardens in Williamsburg are my favorite.  The sight, scent and feel of plants grown centuries ago links us to the past in the most living way possible.  Not to neglect the reenactors who are a vital part of this unique glimpse into an era that has long held fascination for me.  My father remembers visiting his aunt who had an antique shop in Williamsburg ages ago.   My husband and I spent our honeymoon there as have countless other young couples over the years.  If you’ve never visited historic Williamsburg, you’re in for a real treat.

*Boxwood hedge from the Governor’s Palace

*Historic home and formal garden in Williamsburg

*Colonial woman in Williamsburg

*Garden planted with heirloom flowers

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Love of colonial America inspired my recent release, historical romance novel Enemy of the King.

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8 responses to “The Gardens of Colonial Williamsburg~

  1. Great photos, Beth! Wonder how they had time to create such beautiful gardens, with everything else they had to do! Thanks for sharing.


  2. OOH! I love those gardens. In May I spent 2 days there and it wasn’t enough. I had such a great time! What wonderful pictures.


  3. Beautiful photos, Beth!


  4. My Dad visited Colonial Williamsburg years ago (has passed on) and I will never forget how he reacted to the restoration. The streets…carriage rides and visits throughout the city left him with a feel of “awe”, he told me. You can’t help but feel steeped in the times when you visit. I have gone back several times over the years. I love the gardens…since I am an amature garden with a love of the old-time, heirloom plants. But…I love the city because it links us to our past and heritage.


  5. Truly, and well said. Thanks.


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