“In the Garden, My Soul Is Sunshine”

The sun seeps through the early morning fog to melt away the whiteness to reveal a dewy green world washed clean by last night’s rain. Glowing sunflowers stand tall again and the flattened corn has picked itself back up. The rejuvenating powers of the earth are amazing. Maybe it’s that plants naturally reach toward the sun just as our spirits seek the light, unless we are turned to the power of the dark side, like in Star Wars.

A girl in the eighth grade girl’s Sunday school class I teach, my daughter Elise’s class, told me that she gets Star Wars and the Bible mixed up. Likely she thinks it’s somewhere in the Old Testament. This makes me wonder if I am doing my job, but parallels can be drawn. The force in Star Wars is described as being all around us, in every living thing, a good power like pure light that enables us to fully live and develop strength far beyond anything we ever thought possible. Sounds rather like the Holy Spirit to me.

When the children were much younger and the boys and girls were still together in class, I had one boy who refused to draw anything except fighter planes from Star Wars and another boy who would only draw fish. It made no difference what the lesson was. So I posted their art work in the classroom along with the other children’s, but I’m sure folks in the church who happened by wondered what in the world Tie fighters and bass had to do with anything.

*This is an excerpt from my non-fiction collection entitled Shenandoah Watercolors.
For more on my novels, please visit: http://www.bethtrissel.com/

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