Trailer for Historical Romance Novel THROUGH THE FIRE

My third release for this amazing month is THROUGH THE FIRE, fast-paced historical romance novel with a THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS flavor & a mystical weave, 2008 Golden Heart ® finalist. Coming to the Wild Rose Press on Friday.

10 responses to “Trailer for Historical Romance Novel THROUGH THE FIRE

  1. Nice job, Beth. You really show the conflict.


  2. Thanks so much. Tough to summarize a 400 page novel in a short trailer, 🙂


  3. Susan Anne Mason

    Great promo, Beth. Makes me want to buy, buy, buy!

    Wonderful models!



  4. I made a funny typo in the other comment so I deleted and here try again. Great trailer, Beth. I’m looking forward to reading Fire.


  5. Thanks Linda. Through the Fire is quite an adventure.


  6. Laurie J. Edwards

    Wow, that is absolutely amazing!


  7. I love the fire, and all your pictures are fabulous. Hope it does well for you.


  8. Thanks guys. I hope so too.


  9. Great job, Beth! It gave me chills. Congrats on your latest release!


  10. Chills are good. 🙂


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