Homemade Soap Crayons

Contributed by Pamela Roller

These soap crayons are easy to make and safe for children to use in the bathtub. What better way to have fun and get clean at the same time?

1 C soap flakes (such as Dri-Pak Soap Flakes)
¼ C hot water
food coloring

Place soap flakes in a bowl and add warm water, a teaspoon at a time, stirring constantly. The mixture will be extremely thick and hard to stir. Spoon some of the soap into each of several small bowls and color each separately, adding the color by drops until the soap has the consistency of a very thick paste. Gently press spoonfuls of the paste into your molds (i.e., plastic ice cube trays). Set the molds aside at room temperature to harden (may take up to two days). Makes 20 crayons.

Keep soap out of children’s eyes.

Pamela Roller is the author of On Silent Wings, a gothic historical romance set in Restoration England. Visit her website at http://www.pamelaroller.com/.©Pamela Roller

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